session options

Therapeutic Yoga ensures a nourishing, safe and supportive practice. Private sessions allow for clear communication, flexibility, creativity and a more personal connection. Unlike athletic vinyasa, these sessions may include more restorative poses, hands on healing, and the additional use of props. 
Private Vinyasa Yoga ensures individual attention to alignment and instruction for modifications. Each session can build upon the last or adapt to changing needs. As a physical therapist, this is an excellent option for those returning from an acute injury, surgery or working to improve balance, power, endurance or strength.
Reiki sessions are always individual, can be hands on or hands free.


Individual Yoga

$110/50 minutes

Kids Reiki

$40/30 min

$60/45 min


I am not an in-network provider, but will always provide the documentation required for you to reach our to your insurer.

Adult Reiki

$35/30 min

$60/60 min

$90/90 min

Flat Rate Travel Fee

$15 for all travel within 20 miles of Hampton Falls, NH

Sliding Scale

I believe in the power of these practices to support healing. If required, please inquire.