oncology & yoga

i cannot claim to know the physical changes, mental strain or emotions that accompany a cancer diagnosis. i am not a person who lives with or has survived cancer. i am a physical therapist whose clinical expertise is in oncology, and with this experience has come a deep care for the entire person, as opposed to their diagnosis.  


breath and mobility don't have to be pathologized. we don't have to operate in the clinical paradigm, we can move outside the checkboxes and into the body, mind and spirit. yoga grants permission to choose. on the days to push the edge, you push the edge. and on the days to find support, you find support. yoga is a practice where we listen to the body. its meant to be learned over the course of a lifetime. its designed to move with you. you can't win yoga. 


and so together, we'll work to build a practice that supports you both physically and mentally through diagnosis, surgery, treatment and recovery. breath, strength, choice, ownership, ease- yoga offers them all. my medical background will keep you safe and your wishes and goals will inform our sessions. you can expect a personalized, creative and thoughtful session.  

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here's some of what science has to say:

Integrating Yoga in Oncology: Is the Wait Over?

Yoga Can Be an Effective Supportive Therapy for People With Lung Cancer and Their Caregivers

Home of the Journal: Oncology

Effects of Yoga on Psychological Health, Quality of Life, and Physical Health of Patients with Cancer: A Meta-Analysis


and with immense gratitude to those below, here's some of what clients have to say:

I started private yoga sessions with Meghan right after being diagnosed with stage IV cancer in June of 2017.  

I was beaten up, physically from a grueling surgery and the start of chemotherapy, and mentally, trying to be

a “well” person in this new world.


Meghan and I have hit the mat through two monumental surgeries, and a dozen cycles of chemotherapy.  The

care and wisdom she brings is crucial, knowing what to be aware of with my physical challenges and when it’s

okay to push me to new levels of awareness and ability.  She does all of this with a touch of humor and human

kindness that bring hope and gratitude.  For people with past or existing cancer challenges, you will find a very

educated and talent yoga teacher in Meghan that is unlike any other teacher.  With her background in physical

therapy, trauma work, and interest in the whole person, you will be at ease! -B




Meghan and I met by fate.  Her compassion, knowledge, training and gentle soul were exactly what I needed.
While recovering from a Stage 3 diagnosis with multiple physical limitations, I was so intimidated to begin again. 

Meghan gently encouraged me begin again.  Living.  Breathing.  Moving.  Breathing.

I was scared to use my muscles and move my body but with Meghan guiding me, I slowly discovered my

physical and emotional strengths and overcame weaknesses too. Meghan's knowledge of the body, physiology

and whole body rehabilitation has been remarkable for me. I consider myself so very fortunate to have

Meghan as an advocate, teacher and mentor. -M


Meghan was recommended to me after I had been through a very tough medical ordeal. I had just
received an experimental treatment for cancer, which put the cancer in remission. However, prior to
the treatment, the cancer had wreaked havoc on my body. When I started working with Meghan, in
one:one yoga sessions, I was feeling extremely vulnerable , physically and emotionally. I was weak, had
compression fractures in my spine, and did not know what my body could or could not do. I had done
yoga in the past but at that time, I could not stretch my hands above my head, could not lie on my back
because it was too painful, and my balance was very poor.

Meghan met me where I was at – and with kindness, knowledge and encouragement, made me feel like
my body was not my enemy but my friend. I appreciated that in addition to being trained as a yoga
teacher, she had also worked as a physical therapist and had experience with oncology patients. I
appreciated her gentleness and her wisdom. Even though my progress was incremental at first, she
gave me confidence to continue and after individual sessions, I joined her small group gentle yoga
classes and was so excited that I was able to fully participate.

Meghan came into my life at a moment when I was feeling very fragile and through her yoga instruction and
compassion, she helped me reclaim my strength - I am so grateful! -R