It Takes Guts to Be Gentle and Kind

On Wednesday, someone made this recommendation:

Be kind to yourself, like you’re kind to your feet.

Wait- what?

Well, this person pointed out- your feet…you put them to work. You ask a lot of them and they do a lot for you. But I’ve noticed you take care of them. You always have them painted, they move all the time, they’re not calloused or blistered beyond repair.

Ok. I can be on this bandwagon. I do take care of my feet. They are usually polished and every night, I go through a somewhat elaborate but also lovely lavender foot rub ritual. I do it when I get into bed.

I like the smell. I like the lotion. I like the rub. I like the ritual.

So it was interesting to me that this person noticed! It was also however somewhat confusing to figure out how to translate foot rubs into being gentle with myself.

I’m all for analogies, so its not completely outrageous to treat myself as well as my feet. That’s what I’m working on right now. Gentleness. Kindness. Remembering that just because I didn’t hit the mark with xy or z, doesn’t mean all is lost. It doesn’t mean that I’m at square zero. It doesn’t mean I’m down for the count. It means that in the moment xy or z didn’t happen. And I guess the gentleness comes in when I say…xyz didn’t happen. And that is OK.

I’m not saying its easy. Its not easy. Its actually hard. Thankfully, I’m often barefoot. So for the next little bit, until they remind me of something new- I’m going to let my feet serve as a little reminder: be gentle with myself.

There’s always another foot rub. There’s always new colors to paint my toes. Painting them new this week doesn’t mean last weeks color was a loss. Its a new try, a new perspective and another chance to be kind.

Paint your toes.

Or rub your feet.

Be kind to yourself.

Or at least try- with me.

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