Do More of What Makes You Happy: American Ninja Warrior- yes, please

Last night I jumped back into chaturanga and jammed my second toe. The irony is not lost on me. Be kind to yourself, like you’re kind to your feet. Jam!

Two lessons: 1. Use your core…every time!…EVERY TIME!!!….when you jump back. 2. Be gentle.

Can’t always win right? I’ll keep working. Gentle. Gentle.

OK, topic change.

American Ninja Warrior is back. Who cares? Me. I care.

A few years ago, I wished for my mind to slow down. The harder I looked, the more elusive relaxation became. It felt like a pin ball game when the ball gets stuck at that point on the table where it bounces back and forth faster than your eyes can even see. You rack up tons of points and its awesome- except it wasn’t awesome, because it wasn’t pin ball. I wasn’t racking up points, I was racking up anxiety and desperately wishing for my brain to take a beat.

Enter American Ninja Warrior. All of a sudden, my mind felt calm. I love it today as much as I loved it then. I love that the athletes train so hard and build insane gyms in their backyards to practice events like the warped wall. I love their stories of perseverance, strength and risk. I love that they hold on to teeny tiny grips with the tips of their fingers and gracefully glide like the cheer of the crowd allows them to levitate from point A to point B. And I love that I don't have to pay attention. The story, the athlete- it changes every 30 seconds or every 3 minutes. My mind rests. I notice whats happens, but if I lose my place…a new person arrives to inspire and ground my brain, 30 second later.

It doesn’t matter that its been three years- my brain remembers… ANW = take a beat, relax, feel good. Sometimes its really silly, little things that bring us peace. Find them. Notice them. And keep doing them.

Watch American Ninja Warrior. Or QVC. Or the birds flying in the sky. Listen to music. The same song over and over- no judgement here. Drink some tea. Draw. Paint. Scribble. Get a Buddha Board (thanks EN)- its heaven. Take an outdoor shower. Take 3. Notice what feels good. And do it.

PS. ANW: Wednesdays 8pm NBC

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