Summer 2016

When I first saw this photo, my heart skipped a beat. There's a beautiful nostalgia to it. Likely, without meaning to do anything at all, our friend Andy captured a perfect moment of summer.

There's swimming, jumping, a floating dock, paddle boards, splashes, stillness, blue sky, trees, and sunlight! If you look closely, there's even a flying football. I love this photo. It is full of friendship, joy and ease.

I hope when I stumble across the snapshot this winter, while I sit in my puffy-sleeping- bag-coat defrosting the car or when I see it ten years, while I sit (hopefully) in a spacious house rather than our 512 sq. foot apartment- that I remember the warmth of the breeze on my face and coolness of the water on my legs. This past weekend was a special one and I'm grateful.

Frequently in my classes and especially with my 1:1 students, we spend time noticing what happens in our bodies. On first pass, it may seem silly, "of course I know what's going on in my body!" But every once in a while when a teacher asks me: to feel the outline of my skin with the air or to pretend my feet are sinking into the sandy beach, I CAN actually do it. I feel it in a new way. Not always, but sometimes.

Those sometimes...they make a difference. They matter.

When we connect easeful moments like the snapshot above to challenging moments, anxious moments or panic, we invite our body to flip the switch back towards understanding, breath or calm. Its so hard. I promise that I know. We ALL have to stack up moments like Andy's snapshot above. We need to hold both. I need to hold both. Its moments like these that get stacked up in the compassionate, gentle, kind column. And for every single one of us...even when its hard- that column is a gooooooood column to build.

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