Limelite in 2016

Photo Credit: Jill Valle | I Am A Woman Who

Photo Credit: Jill Valle | I Am A Woman Who

I opened Peony & the Bee Yoga in 2016. Crafting ideas into action leaves lots of room for trial and error, but throughout the process I held true to one intention: Be the person you wish you had when things were really hard. With time, trial, error and borrowed belief I built my tribe. They put shellac in my broken pieces and taught me: that's how the light gets in. My unbelievable teachers and mentors...they gifted me the strength to hold space, the steadiness to use my hands and the tools to use yoga for good. I am always a student first. I am learning all the time. I am grateful for my supports every single day- they beat with each breath of Peony and the Bee. And their grooves. I believe in authenticity. I believe it is brave. I struggle to use my voice, to speak up, to share what I think or feel in (anything close to) real time. Yoga gifts me the room to feel more settled in my body. Writing offers me the space to speak on delay. My teachers gift me the value of a quiet witness. My students gift me the opportunity to link my nervous system with theirs, to share air and power and energy and grace. Shit are my students graceful. And holy f*#% are their energies strong. As I end a year of so many firsts, I feel overwhelming gratitude and honor every second my students spend in the room. Please know that YOU inspire me to work on my own challenges. To speak up and be true. You are freakin' amazing. Cheers to Peony & the Bee Yoga. Cheers to my yogis. And cheers to honesty in the face of what's hard...cheers to speaking a present truth. Not for attention or motivated by selfishness. Motivated by the me too, by community, likeness, demystification and care. For practice. Our house faced a quiet loss right before Christmas, one that it seems no one really talks about. I'm not going to talk about it either. I'm going to talk directly to the little Limelite instead. I offer this to the universe. Cheers to us, to yoga and to healing. Cheers to 2017. Lets keep moving. :) Dear Sweet Limelite, I will always wonder who you were and who you are going to be. I understand this life wasn't the one for you; the universe has other plans. My wish for you is to be brave. When you make it, it's not always easy- you may have karma to burn, but you have to hang tight. Your mama and papa will be amazing. You are meant to find them and they're waiting for you. Perhaps you're already on your way. I knew when you left. Just like I knew when you arrived. You took away coffee and eggs. You love cereal. When you're here, try all the flavors- there are countless kinds. Eat cage free, pasture raised eggs. Just try them. And try that kind because chicks need some breathing room, just like you'll need some day too. Coffee is delicious, but I'll understand if you don't care for it, lots of folks feel that way. One day, no matter where you're sweet mama finds you, come to Boston and get the Coffee Oreo ice cream at JP Licks- I promise it will be worth it. You are a special one with a deep tender soul. Try to keep that beautifully beating heart open for as long as you can. Hopefully for your ever. If it gets broken or it wants to stop again, know the first option is far scarier than the second. But either way, you will be ok. Surround yourself with soft and gentle people, people who will cushion your falls. And surround yourself with Phoenixes who will help you rise back up. There will always be second tries. Limelite, I did try my hardest for you. To keep you safe and well. You saw Portugal and sat in the Venice Beach sun. I'm sad that our house wasn't your landing, but maybe it was your launch. Three months is a long time, your Dan was wide eyed and your Cali knew exactly where you lived. I was tentative and for that I am sorry. I was scared. But when I saw your picture I started to believe and when I saw your heartbeat I felt our vibe. I saw your heartbeat a bunch. We vibed kiddo. We vibed. I'm sad little Limelite that our goodbye was abrupt, but it's probably better you move on. You have places to go and souls to find and a belly to call your own. It's impossible right now to imagine going back to who I was before. You changed me. My body still looks like you're around. But I promise, I knew once you flew away. Your spirit is a bright one that is hard to miss. Shine bright little Limelite, you are one of the special ones. You're a soul with shit to get done. Do it. Do. It. All. May you be happy. May you be healthy and free. May you be loved. Keep wandering and don't settle til it's right. Be brave. Love, Your Temporary Mama til the Right One Comes Along

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