raise your middle finger to the sky

Yoga cues are funny. There's plenty of sites out there that list laughable ones. Google it.

If that seems too labor intensive, I offer you this:

And- I invite you to raise your middle fingers to the sky! I'm going to invite you all week. Come to my class -> raise the finger. Why the middle finger? Well, because I'm inspired.

Self love is a tough term for me. I'm not sure what it is about it, but it settles funny on my skin. I think that's probably why folks take the time to make post-its like this one. To get the yucks off the rest of us.

Something about "self love" seems selfish, indulgent, unnecessary, silly, self-centered (should I keep going?) Ok- wasteful, embarrassing. Something about the words have a yuck factor.

News Flash: The problem isn't with the words- the problem is with me. I'm getting off the harsh train and getting on compassion train.

If self love is the greatest middle finger of all time, then Amen to that. Raise 'em high.

Self love has a lot to do with self care. I'd argue that each and every time we step onto our yoga mat we introduce a bit of self care into our life. All our motivations can differ: fitness, strength, ease, spirituality, peace, an hour away from kids, a break from work, flute music, hip hop music, the community, the teacher, wheel pose, savasana... anything can be the reason you get to the room. My point is, once you get there...once you even think about blocking the time in your schedule- self care is there, self love is there and a big middle finger is going up to the traffic you sat in for an hour and a half because there was a threat of snow.

When we practice yoga, when we take an hour to slow down, or a minute to breathe- we have a better shot at being the best version of ourselves.

Start small- are your lips chapped? Buy chapstick! Self care. Do you like tea? Drink it! Self care. "Miss" your spouse? Go on a date- on your couch- with a movie. Self care. Need some space! Build a teepee. (I'm high on teepees right now.) Need some space, not in a teepee? Take some time alone- it's ok, your supports will help you figure it out. Ask for what you need. Self care!

Love yoga? Come to class. Raise your middle finger to the sky! Self care.

I promise I struggle in this area. I think lots of people do. But I also believe that we're healthier, happier, stronger, more flexible and loving people when we take time to listen to our bodies, and give our heart a dose of what it needs.

Eventually the words, "self love" will feel a bit more comfortable on my skin. Eventually self care, will sneak it's way into how we talk to ourselves in our mind, how we hold our worth and how we understand what makes us special. Self care, the concrete can lead to self love, the feely stuff.

Until then, lets ride high on the idea that our middle fingers can touch the sky.

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