Comfort Zones

I feel confident when I say- we have all been pushed out of our comfort zone at one time or another. We probably all have buckets where comfort zones are big and others that feel teeny tiny.

I'll give you an example. My physical comfort zone is big, I'm willing to tax my body, trust my body, fall over, demonstrate as I teach and can disconnect from physical discomfort. (I'm not saying this is a strength, but it does let me marathon, sweat and tolerate pain.) Disconnecting can be an amazing coping mechanism, its frequently learned (And that's all for another blog post.). It can also create quite the divide between the mind and body. Ahem, enter a committed yoga practice. Physicality is my big comfort zone.

Photo Credit: Renee Choi

Photo Credit: The beautiful and amazing Renee Choi

Speaking up is my tiny comfort zone. Doesn't matter the category. I demonstrate as I teach to quell my squirminess as I hear my solo voice. I get anxious if I'm in a situation where verbal communication is the sole means of exchange. Take it a step further, it takes me longer than the (below) average bear- to even garner the strength to say something- about almost anything! Writing, I'm cool. Texting love it. Talking on the phone- wah wahhhh. Not my fav. So, what's a yogini to do when her go-to method of comfort, movement- is taken away and her only means of teaching is restricted to speech alone. Well, she makes this face.

Yes, that face, and then she waits. Perhaps a more adept problem solver would immediately find an alternative. Not this bear, I perseverated on the fact that my "tool," my "coping mechanism," my "ritual," was not an option. Doctor said no yoga, I made a nervous face. Luckily, the no yoga lasted all of three weeks- and I've been given the all clear to modify my own practice and teach from a seat. I am always learning and trying to be better. Hopefully next time I will at least act live the average bear. My small group classes will begin again on Thursday morning 9-10a at The Haven Collective. As always, you can sign up online, with Sarah or me. I'm going to be outside my teeny comfort zone. Fortunately, fellow teachers and healers offered this: "Dont underestimate the responsibility and power of holding space. You can still do that." I'm holding on to that advice. As my cues will take time to hone without simultaneous motion- it's literally like my brain and body work as one- I know I will suggest the wrong foot move forward or a silly twisting direction. But. I want to teach more than anything right now. Back in the space, back with our community, awkwardly stumbling through my words. We all have comfort zones. Big ones. Teeny ones. Hopefully the point is to stretch those small zones into the bigger ones. Seems important to surround yourself with folks who will give it to you straight. Folks who will highlight what you can do, rather than what you can't. I am grateful for you all.

Thank you to those dear ones. Stay tuned....

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