Reiki is an ancient, gentle, hands-on (or hands off) energy healing therapy. The word reiki describes a system for tapping into this universal energy. Sometimes this energy is referred to as chi or Qi. By definition, every living thing is inspirited by this energy; at death, it departs the physical body. Reiki is a precise method for connecting life force energy with the body's innate healing ability. 

reiki in my words

I believe in the power of human connectedness and the need for safety in our body. Whether we connect using physical touch or simply by sharing space (hands free), we can use reiki to shift energy in a way that offers a sense of ease.


What do I mean by energy?

  • I mean the energy of physical tension in the body, that jittery feeling of our bones, acute or chronic pain, muscle memories or trauma, even a dullness or absence of sensation.

  • I mean the energy of mental exhaustion, fatigue, ping-ponging of thoughts too fast too slow down, flashbacks, absent motivation, memory difficulties, difficulty concentrating or engaging.

  • I mean the energy of the heart, sadness, grief, loss, anxiety, PTSD, heaviness, lack of control or overwhelm.


One of my favorite sayings about the body is "If we listen to the body when it whispers, we'll never have to hear it scream." Reiki helps you and I step in before the scream.


And don't worry, if you arrive roaring- I've still got your back. My practice is derived from my experience and I know how loud a body can be.

what does a session look like?

Before the Session


  • After scheduling your session, I'll send you an email form to learn your demographics and contact info. I'll ask a few health related questions for safety and I'll ask you if there is anything you'd like me to know before we meet.

  • I'll also ask if you have a sense as to whether you'd prefer a hands on or no-touch session (Please know you don't have to know the answer, and you can change your answer before and during every session.)

During Our Session

  • You'll arrive a few minutes before your schedule appointment time.

  • You'll decide if you prefer to receive reiki in a chair, on the floor or on a massage table.

  • I'll always ask you again if there's anything you'd like me to know before we start. Think of this as a check in, a time for you to scan your body, mind and heart and let me know if something is screaming. If you don't want to share verbally, that's perfectly fine too.

  • You'll remain completely clothed and I'll make sure you're warm or cool enough, supported physically, covered (or not) with a blanket and ask about music or lighting.

  • Hands on- We'll pause before starting and I'll let you know where I'm going to place my hands. My intention is never to surprise or startle and so my touch aims to indicate my presence- gentle but grounded. I want you to know I'm there. I'll either complete a protocol of the Japanese traditional hand placements or I will move around your body, pausing and resting my hands where your body seems to be asking for connection.

  • No Touch/Hands Free- Everything will be the same except I will pause with my hands slightly above your body or simply focus my attention on a particular area of the body.

  • I will always let you know when the session is coming to a close and guide you back to the day.

what to expect and FAQ


  • Do you work with children and adults?

    • Yes, I offer reiki to children and adults. Parents or guardians are always welcome to stay in the session and observe. For children 13 and older, parents are welcome to pop in at drop off and return following the session. So long as your child can be some version of still for the session, there is no minimum age. If stillness is hard- let's do yoga!

  • Do I keep my clothes on?

    • Yes, reiki is not like a massage or some other hands on healing techniques. We work in whatever way you arrive. You're always welcome to take your shoes off and I'd suggest wearing clothes that make you feel comfortable.​​

  • What are the medical contraindications?​​

    • Reiki is non-invasive and although each case will be assessed on an individual basis, there are no generalized contraindications to reiki.​​ Reiki is offered as a supplemental therapy in acute medical centers, cancer centers, psychological centers, long term care facilities and rehabilitation settings around the world.

  • Can I receive reiki if I am pregnant?

    • Yes. We'll make sure you are comfortable. My knowledge as a PT and pre/post natal yoga instructor will help ensure you are safely positioned throughout. (Sidenote: Ask you provider about reiki offerings in your delivery setting!)​

  • How often do I need to come?​

    • You are welcome to book sessions at regular intervals or one at a time.

The Bigger Questions

  • How do I know if it's "working?"

    • Reiki is an offering of attention and kindness. My intention is always to serve as a conduit between our energy and a greater sense of ease in your body, mind and heart. If you've never received reiki before, in the beginning you may experience a heightened sense of curiosity. This may continue or quell over time.

    • With increased ease, comes increased space in the physical body, the mind and the heart. And it is my belief that in this space comes the opportunity to heal.

    • Similar to yoga, there is no "winning" reiki. You can't lose, do poorly or do it wrong.

  • What will I "feel," during the session?​​

    • All of our nervous systems are unique. For some increased attention will lead to a sense of calm, for some a sense of activation and for others a neutral response or feeling.

    • Independent of the type of session, many people will describe a sensation of heat where we are connected. Other words people use are tingling, muscle twitching, softening, gripping, loosening, less, more and ease.

    • As our nervous systems activate, our body responds. Many times this is automatic, remember- you can't do it wrong. If your emotions begin to surface, I will support you.