yoga and healing

Therapeutic yoga combines a physical practice with mindfulness, bodywork and breath to help soothe the nervous system. In therapeutic yoga we work to turn on the Relaxation Response and outshine the Fight, Flight or Freeze Response. The Relaxation Response allows us to breathe deep, free the body of excess tension, ease the mind and remember how to take safe risks. Yoga can be joyful, silly, dynamic or still.

Teens and adults managing the complex symptoms of PTSD, trauma, anxiety, grief, loss, inattention, infertility or emotional stress may benefit from therapeutic yoga. Survivors of cancer or those currently undergoing treatment and anyone seeking to reclaim a sense of choice, strength, safety or connectivity may also thrive. No yoga experience is required and all are welcome.

Can you simplify what's happening?

I'll try!


Our mind-body is hard wired to protect us from danger. If the mind-body senses threat, it reflexively initiates the fight, flight or freeze/stress response. There is a wisdom to this mechanism that often allows us to get through persistent, traumatic and sometimes unimaginable circumstance.


The Relaxation Response opposes the Stress Response. The Relaxation Response must be turned on- it does not turn on by itself. And, it cannot turn on when the Stress Response is active. Sometimes our Stress Response gets stuck in the “on” position. We experience symptoms of dis-regulation: mental and physical fatigue, insomnia, breathlessness, weight change, panic, pain, tension, weakness, tremors and more. We act from impulse and our emotions can be on the surface or held deep inside our body.

​Together we’ll work to quell the nervous system, quiet down the Stress Response and practice turning on the Relaxation Response. By connecting movement with breath and mindful creativity- the brain can relearn how to regulate. Meghan is also a licensed physical therapist and reiki therapist. Our yoga sessions may include therapeutic touch or bodywork per your interest. 

Wondering what a session may look like? Before I tried it, I was curious too. Learn more here.


*Therapeutic yoga is designed to complement other treatments. Yoga is not meant to replace any medical, surgical, protocols or procedures.*